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The KonMari Method® of tidying, which focuses on what to keep rather than what to discard, blends seamlessly with my own ideas about organization. This methodology approaches organization through the lens of joy, selecting what to keep is about choosing items that bring you a sense of delight. I cultivate this same sense of delight when I’m selecting and arranging different items in my home. It’s as if I’m in conversation with my objects and my space, designing a series of installations as I move from room to room. 


Each time my husband and I move I have the opportunity not only to rearrange my things but deepen my relationship with them. At the end of her book, Spark Joy, Marie Kondo talks about the Japanese concept of yaoyorozu no kami, and the idea that all things, including our belongings, are imbued with spirit. I can sense the spirit and energy that resides within each of my belongings as I handle them and move them from place to place. Attending to and engaging with my things with this level of care not only allows me to sense their presence but provides me with the opportunity to witness how their life supports my own. 


The reorganizing process offers me a renewed sense of appreciation for each of our possessions. Every time I set up a desk or display I experiment with placing items in new and differing relationships to one another. In the end, I’m delighted in what the results reveal and how they allow the objects to take on new roles and meanings. This way of engaging with my belongings gives me a sense of purpose and direction, anchoring me through the transitional phases of rehoming time and time again. 

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photographs by Nick Haas

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