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Embrace Autism is a non-Profit organization dedicated to helping and empowering families with loved ones on the Autism spectrum. Guided by the principals of The Son-Rise Program®, a home-based therapeutic approach created by The Autism Treatment Center of America™, we are committed to providing parents with powerful solutions, training programs, and support services throughout Southeast Asia.

Together with my colleagues, I am a founding director of Embrace Autism. I was an active director for five years and now serve as an advisor to the organization’s board of directors. I also work as an International Projects Coordinator for The Autism Treatment Center of America™. Prior to my work with Embrace Autism, I was a playroom volunteer in The Son-Rise Program®.


My passion for this work emerged from my research as an independent dance artist and improviser. My interest lies in understanding how modes of non-verbal communication utilized among dance ensembles can foster empathy and interaction in social contexts outside the realm of dance, particularly in therapeutic practices for children with Autism or related developmental difficulties.

Read about my experience as a volunteer in The Son-Rise Program here.

Read about the creation of Embrace Autism here.

Listen to my interview with Chris Straigis on The Scrappy Podcast  here. 


Christian Yu Perez has twins with special needs; her son has classic autism and cerebral palsy, and his twin sister has Global Developmental Delay (GDD). Chris and her husband attempted most conventional therapies, but their children made little progress until they found The Son-Rise Program®. Since then, both Chris and her husband have undergone advanced training at The Autism Treatment Center of America™. In addition to maintaining her role as director at Embrace Autism, Chris is an avid blogger ( 


Samantha Chua served as a founding director for Embrace Autism during its inception. She also ran The Son-Rise Program® full time for her daughter. Her family has benefited tremendously from The Son-Rise Program and they want to give back by sharing their experiences with other parents embarking on the same journey.


The Son-Rise Program® at The Autism Treatment Center of America™ teaches a specific and comprehensive system of treatment and education designed to help families and caregivers enable their children to dramatically improve in all areas of learning, development, communication and skill acquisition. It offers highly effective educational techniques, strategies and principles for designing, implementing and maintaining a stimulating, high-energy, one-on-one, home-based, child-centered program. Follow the link above for information and support services. 

photographs by Samantha Chua and members of Embrace Autism Singapore

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